The Cosmos of Star Wars

The universe of Star Wars stages many planets. Some come back in most movies like Tatooine, desert planet where grow Anakin and Luke Skywalker, or Coruscant, physical and political center of the galaxy. A large number of planets are inspired by a particular type of landscape, such as Mustafar, which offers a desolate volcanic landscape or Hoth, a planet swept by snowstorms. On the contrary, planets strongly resemble the Earth, like Naboo or Alderaan. Moreover, if planets or volcanic moons such as Mustafar, or covered with forest like Endor, have never been discovered, some originalities imagined in the saga are scientifically proven. 

My different series "the cosmos of star wars I, II and III" show the most famous of them.

Kamino (Jango Fett)

Geonosis (Battle Droid)

Utapau (General Grievous & Battle Droid)

Kashyyyk (Scout Trooper & Wookie)

Mustafar (Annakin Skywalker)

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